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Flexible pricing model

We believe in satisfied customers - therefore we have no lock-in period


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Examples of monthly subscriptions

Price example 1

A good start 


10 users


196,- per user

Your company collects files and e-mails in Teams in a structured way. This simplifies everyday life for everyone.
Files and information are now easy to find!
  • Basis - Starter package
  • E-mail

Price example 2

Focus on document management

25 users

354,- per user

Your company has a large proportion of important documents that must be handled in a structured way in relation to archiving and version history.

This is now done easily and as an integral part of the daily work process.
  • Basis - Starter package and Plus
  • E-mail
  • Process
  • Archive - Basis and Pluss

Price example 3

Full control through the entire workflow

50 users

189,- per user

The company easily ensures that all activities in the work process are carried out, and changes in the work processes are implemented immediately. This provides high quality in all deliveries.

Employees have a simpler working day and save time.
  • Basis - Starter package and Plus
  • E-mail
  • Process

All prices are in NOK

Technical setup

ONwork requires minimal installation, but since it will communicate with the Microsoft365 platform, it will be necessary to make some individual technical configuration.
  • Establishment of system users
  • Connection to Microsoft 365
  • Basic setup of ONwork with sample templates
  • Testing and verification
Duration:    1-2 days from order day
Price:            From   9 800,-
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Good start with ONwork

Since ONwork is delivered without any kind of binding, our success is based on your success with the product. Therefore, a good implementation in the organization and ongoing support is just as important to us as to you. ONwork assists you in getting the full effect of the product all the way from start-up and in the future.

We recommend that you choose one of our start-up packages:

  • Workshop for defining recommended layout
    2-hour session to identify needs with subsequent recommendation for setup.
  • Super user training
    Basic training for selected resources to administrate and manage the solution.
  • Conculting/guidance
    Hour bank that can be used for assistance for super users (2 hours).

10 000,-


What is included in the subscription?
The solution is based on a close integration with Microsoft 365. Since this is a cloud service that is in continuous development, the solution must be continuously updated both in terms of existing and new functionality.

ONwork therefore takes responsibility for the following ongoing activities that are included in the subscription price:Daglig drift for å sikre stabiliteten

  • Continuous updating and necessary adjustments
  • Further development of functionality in the solution
  • Error reporting support service
Can I buy more modules eventually?

ONwork is a flexible solution that you can grow with. This means that you can buy new modules at any time as the needs arise.

Should some modules not live up to your expectations, you can remove them at any time without any kind of binding.

Do we have to pay for all employees if they do not use the solution?

We only bill for those users who have been added as members of the teams created in ONwork.

Standard Teams can be used as normal even after ONwork is installed. This means that you are free to choose how many paying users you want into ONwork without the other employees being affected.

What happens if we cancel the subscription?

Upon termination, ONwork will be uninstalled.

All customer data in the solution will remain in your environment and will be available in Teams as normal.

How are the payment terms?

The use of the solution is invoiced monthly in arrears.
Our standard payment deadline is set at 14 days.