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Work smarter with Xledger in Teams

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Combine your new ERP system with ONwork!

With ONwork, you will have full control over all information and documentation related to the case, and an overview of what is shared both internally and with customers. At the same time, it is easy to involve the whole team - both before and after the sale is completed.

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Automatic creation of project 

When you create a project in Teams, the integration automatically creates a project in Xledger with associated information. When the project ends in Teams, we set an end date for the project in Xledger.


Simplified reporting

All transactions and time records are retrieved by Xledger, so you can set up the desired report in Teams related to a project. The Xledger integration ensures you a full overview of the finances throughout the project.  

Xledger giving a folder to Teams
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Same customer throughout the value chain

ONwork obtains information about the customer, supplier and project from Xledger, and links it to the Teams project. The integration ensures correct information throughout the project.

Data transferred by ONwork 

Connection between Teams and Xledger
Customer information

All necessary customer information is collected and made available in the Team Room. This is how you have access to the most important information throughout the project work.

Connection between Teams and Xledger
Contact information

The contact information associated with a customer is synchronized between Teams and Xledger. When a new contact is created in Teams, it will be created in Xledger at the same time.

Connection between Teams and Xledger
Project information

Information about accrued hours and transactions is continuously synchronized from Xledger to Teams, so you can always see the status of the project while you are working on it.

Examples of how we make your work easier

  • Automatic creation of project

    Projects are created automatically in Teams based on information from Xledger.

  • Automatic end date

    When the room is closed in Teams, ONwork will automatically set an end date on the project in Xledger.

  • Synchronized reporting

    Transactions and time registration from Xledger are automatically registered on the project in Teams.

  • Customer register

    Create new customers in Teams. ONwork will synchronize the information directly to Xledger.

Want to know how it works? We will send you a demo!

Leave your email address and we will send you a video of Xledger integrated in Teams with ONwork.

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