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HubSpot  and Teams - the perfect match! 

Combine the world's most robust collaboration platform with HubSpot! Now you can finally collect all your documents and information connected to the deal in one place.

HubSpot and Microsoft Teams are working together

Set a world record in sales! 

Once a deal has reached a defined step in the pipeline, we create a new workspace in Teams according to your sales template. Everything you need in a sales process is ready when you need it.

We guide you all the way to the finish line; the workspace cannot be closed until all mandatory activities have been completed.

Group 151-1

"Gathering all information an documents for the deal is increadibly important to us. With the linkt between HubSpot and Teams, ONwork has given us a whole new way of working."

Marketing and Sales Manger, Fredrik Karlstad, in MainTech is using the HubSpot integration.
Fredrik Karlstad
Market and Sales manager, MainTech AS

Give delivery a boosted start

When you close a deal, ONwork makes the sales information easily available to your colleagues in delivery. Everyone finds the necessary information - without having to search.

ONwork is collecting documents and information related to the deal throughout the whole value chain -
Delivery from HubSpot to Teams

Controlled information throughout the whole value chain

ONwork is collecting documents and information related to the deal throughout the whole value chain - from first contact to delivered product.

See what data we transfer

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Customer information

The customer register is copied over to ONwork and is used in Teams to set dimensions for the information stored.

Contact information

The information related to contact persons is copied over to ONwork in order to be used in Teams. This provides an opportunity to make the contact register available to the entire organization.

Sales cases

All information related to a sales case is transferred to ONwork in order to create the team for related work. The time for creating an offer workspace is defined based on the chosen step in the sales process. The type of team template to be used can be controlled from HubSpot.

Group 2-2
Status offer production

ONwork ensure that all mandatory documents are completed and archived before the sales case can be completed. When all activities have been completed, information is sent to HubSpot for the final completion of the case.

E-mail communication

Emails stored in the offer team on a sales case, are transferred to HubSpot in the email log of the contact person and the relevant case. From HubSpot, users can open the email via a link.

Learn how you can make sales work easier


A contract is being signed.

offer room

A team is created when the case has reached a defined step in the sales process. The team is automatically connected to the deal in HubSpot - and you will have control over the entire process flow from start to finish.

CEO is having an one-to-one with an employee

Controlled closing
of deals

When a deal is closed, the offer team gets archived and becomes available in a searchable archive. Now you can ensure that you can always find old emails and other data related to previous sales processes.

An offer is being prapared and the final price is calculated.

Information easily available

Successful companies handle sales in a structured and efficient manner. When information related to the customer is available throughout the value chain, you ensure quality in the delivery and satisfied customers.

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